Sanctuary of the Light Toad (SaLT) 
(Formerly the Bufo Alvarius Ranch/Bufo Alvarius Foundation USA Project)

This project was started in the hopes of providing sanctuary to the Sonoran Desert Toad, and those who are working to protect it.  The proposed ranch is to be located on a toad-filled 7-acre plot of land nestled comfortably within the Sacred Earth Neighborhood near Tucson, Arizona.   We hope to learn more about living respectfully alongside Nature, and want to help others to learn, too!

Some of the projects  and services SaLT would like to provide include:

  • The Toad Sanctuary – a protected section of land with limited improvements made to provide optimal breeding space for the Sonoran Desert Toads.
  • Education Center – A place to study and learn about the toads, sustainability, entheogens, and other topics of interest.
  • Organic & Entheogenic Garden – Earthship farm project, to sustain the Ranch and those living on it.
  • Temple and Meditation Space – For anyone who would like to meditate and pray with the toads, Shamanic practitioners, or Medicine People  in a natural environment;  Church services for those who have religious regard for the toad.

bar2Fundraising will start soon, and will be done in phases.

The first phase will be to complete the initial purchase of the land.

The second phase will be for the building of land improvements and other community structures.

The third phase will be an ongoing call for donations to cover the costs of operation, events, public services, etc.

Does this project sound like something you would like to be involved with? Please contact us at toadmedicine -at- gmail dot com or send a message on Facebook at fb.com/BufoAlvariusRanch .